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    Innovative social riding app that takes away the hassle in Lagos transport.

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Who we are

Transport Innovations Limited is a Lagos based Technology firm operating as “Tripp”. Tripp stands for Transport Innovations Platform and Products and we are specialized in Urban Mobility Service. Our company enables innovative transport services with sustainable corporate, social and environmental impact.

Tripp Social Riding app is a platform that seeks to incentivize private car drivers to share the vacant seats in their cars with verified persons going in the same direction when they drive across town or travel. This helps take cars off the roads, reduce traffic congestion and minimize carbon footprint.

Rider - How it Works

To ride on Tripp, follow the simple steps


Chose Your Location

Step 1: Launch the Tripp App and select/pin your location.


Chose Your Destination

Step 2: Choose your destination.


Modify Your Tripp Options

Step 3: Modify Your Tripp Options

Tripper - How it Works

To drive on Tripp, follow the simple steps


Select My Car

Step 1: Launch the Tripp App, select "My Car" from the app menu drawer and log in


Upload Your Car Documents

Step 2: Tap on the "+" icon to upload car documents.


Get verified and start Tripping

Step 3: Once your documents is verified, you are good to go.

If you have inquiries please email us at hello@mytripp.app